Do any actives fade tattoos?

Hello, I'm wondering if there's any active ingredients in skincare products that would fade a tattoo? Certain actives exfoliate but do they exfoliate deep enough to fade a tattoo?


  • To clarify, when I say "fade" I don't mean entirely getting rid of the tattoo like a laser. I mean how tattoos fade over time (the lines get blurrier, etc).
  • Surface exfoliation won't fade a tattoo because the ink is deposited deep in the dermis. 
  • I've heard of DIY tattoo removal techniques like salabrasion that can affect tattoos, but those go way deeper than any exfoliation ever should. It's dangerous and it scars, but I find it interesting how people are willing to put themselves through it just to get rid of a tattoo on the cheap. Call it a morbid fascination on my part.

    Don't Google it if you don't like blood or nasty scabs. The pictures are gross.
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