Dry shampoo and hair fall

I'm hoping you might help me find the truth - I love using dry shampoo on my 2nd day flat (texture is thin and fine) hair. Or for those times where I have to wear a hard hat at work and my bangs get a little oily from my forehead. I read somewhere that dry shampoo can cause hair fall. As my thyroid gave out on me two years ago, I lost quite a bit of density and don't want to cause any further loss - does that mean the end for my beloved dry shampoo??? I used to use the Dove dry shampoo but over the last year or so I've switched to a formula from CoLab that also gives my flat hair some great volume. Thanks so much!!


  • We've not seen any evidence that suggests dry shampoo will increase hair fall. I think this myth got started because dry shampoo is less conditioning that a traditional shampoo and conditioner. That means if you're brushing and combing your hair it's more likely to break (which results in hair fall.)
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