Can the fumes from a skincare ingredient irritate your eyes?

I used a glycolic acid face lotion with a high alcohol content and it irritated my eyes.  The strange thing was I tried to apply it an inch away from my eye area and it still made them sting. Can skincare ingredients evaporate and get in contact with your eyes?  Like alcohol?  Or chemical sunscreens? 

Also, what sunscreen actives are less likely to make eyes sting and burn?


  • Alcohol is very volatile so it can certainly generate fumes that can reach your eyes. Most ingredients, though, do not evaporate. 

    Sunscreens don't evaporate but if they get in your eye they will sting. I believe this is true of all UV absorbers. The mineral sunscreens like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide may be less stinging but these are particles that could scratch your eye. 
  • Thanks for the comment.  I think that formula was discontinued and I'm not surprised at all.  

    I hate sunscreen for that reason SO much, so I'm disappointed to learn that.  
    Beats getting a sunburn though.  :)

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