Glycolic Extracts?

Hi, do you know something about glycolic extracts? Are they something that can work? Does the method of extraction can maintain the benefits of a plant?  For example, I’ve found this claims on a website that sells rosemary glycolic extract: “Toning, cellular stimulator, antioxidant, tissue protector and activator of peripheral circulation. It can be used in preparations for the scalp, stimulating circulation and hair growth. It has anti-dandruff action, prevents the fall and gives shine to the hair. It is also used in products for acne-prone skin.” 
Is there anything there we can believe or is just marketing? I'm giving this example, but there are many others. Stores sell them in Brazil with the same claims of essential oils, when applied to cosmetics.


  • Plant extracts always use some kind of solvent. That solvent is often water or ethanol but propylene glycol (and similar glycols) are also used. I assume they're talking just talking about an extract which uses  a glycol as a solvent. 

    The glycol doesn't give the extract any special properties so this looks like marketing to me. If I'm missing something, hopefully someone will let me know.   
  • Thanks, Randy, I think you are right 
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