Is putting eyelash glue in your waterline safe?

This makes me extremely uncomfortable, but is it unsafe as it looks?

Completely unrelated, why does foundation get darker after you put it on your face?  It's very common in the beauty community to call it "oxidation", but does foundation actually oxidize?  If that was the case, how would that work? ( I've forgotten what exactly oxidation is...)  


  • 1. From what I've read it's not a good idea to put ANYTHING on your water line. 

    2. As pigments dry they can darken so it could be that. That's just an effect of the water, the pigments don't oxidize that easily.  
  • On the second part, that's what I thought!  But just to make sure, sunscreen ingredients don't oxidize?

    Also this has to be the #1 beauty myth out there.
  • Do sunscreen ingredients oxidize? I thought you were asking about foundation ingredients. 

    Regardless, no, sunscreen actives don't oxidize but UV abosrbers do get "used up" after they absorb and reemit UV rays a certain number of times. This is one of the reasons that you have to reapply sunscreen frequently.  
  • I know it's probably not related, but one of the explanations for foundation oxidizing is that sunscreens, as well as moisturizers, can interact with foundation ingredients and make the problem worse.

    One example I can think of is from this blog, under "What Causes Foundation to Oxidize":

    Also, I'll post this article since it quotes Paula from Paula's Choice.  I don't really understand the chemistry behind the author's explantion.  Does it hold water at all?
  • Like I said, to my knowledge the types of pigments used in foundations don't oxidize. If I can find evidence to the contrary I'll let you know. In the article you cited, Paula also said this: 

    "But oxidation isn’t the only chemical reaction to think about - Paula added, ‘A colour that goes on subtle when you first apply it can mix with the oil in your skin, or the moisturiser you’ve applied before, and slowly become more noticeable."

    This seems more likely to me. 
  • I think I understand this a litter bit better, thanks!  :)

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