Oils oxidizing

So many products these days have small amounts of natural oils in them.  Oils oxidize and go rancid pretty quickly.  How do products inhibit oxidation so they don't gunk up and go bad?


  • Good topic! My facial oils go bad quickly! PAO is 6 months after opening. I see many Brands add antioxidants like Rosemary essential oil or perhaps blend it with a more stable oil like Meadowfoam seed oil. I also store my oils in the refrigerator to extend its shelf life.

    Would love to hear The beauty brains' view on this.
  • Maybe the brains can give an answer to my question in the post "Stability of antioxidants in cosmetic products" as well.
  • I don't understand the idea that "essential" oils have an antioxidant effect. An "essential" oil is just another oil subject to the same principles, no? I'm aware certain oils go bad slower like coconut due to its iodine value, but oxidation is still an issue.
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    The higher the saturated fats the more stable the oil. The higher the unsaturated fats, esp polyunsaturated fats, special mention with those high in Alpha and gamma linolenic acid, it makes it vvv unstable!

    I did some research on this topic you may be keen to read it here

    - which fatty acid profiles are oxidativrly unstsble
    - what oils are unstable
    - what companies add to stabilise the oil
    - some oils to use at night only

    Some oils lasts only 3 months after opening... maybe it'll last 3 months more if you add antioxidants and much more if you mix it with a more stable carrier oil.
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