Surfactants - Shampoo, Face Wash, Hand Soap, Body Soap

I was wondering how different is face wash, hand soap, body soap, shampoo really? Is it possible to downsize and simplify the number of products we own at home?

I recall a podcast from TBB but I can't recall which one.

I have been "downgrading" facewash/shampoo/body soap into my home hand wash. As I am moving home, I try to get rid of what I have at home and not buy any more stuffI also want to "repurpose" and "use up" products that did not work out instead of tossing it.

Any ideas how to repurpose failed products?

FYI: I repurpose hair conditioner into fabric softener. :) works nicely! No guilt to empty the bottle. Mom uses hair conditioner to wash "dry clean only" curtains.

What is the difference in the products really? Just all some form of detergent with surfactant, just for different parts of the body right?! I recall Dr Bronner's castile soap that is marketed to be capable of doing all the above and much more. 

ps: J&J shampoo is great for washing makeup brushes and Clarisonic! 

Thanks in advance. This question has been brewing in me.
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  • You're right. Shampoo, body wash, facial wash etc can be very similar. You're not going to hurt anything buy repurposing body wash as shampoo (or vice versa) but you might not like the way it performs. I would not, however, use personal care products as laundry products or vice versa. The chemicals may be very different and could have anticipated problems. (E.g., could using hair conditioner as fabric softer cause a buildup of silicone in the venting of your clothes dryer?) Just thinking out loud here...
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    @Randy thanks for the confirmation. 

    What are the subtle differences between the formulae between Shampoo, Face Wash, Hand Soap, Body Soap?

    yes the texture may be not the best. but since i am using it for washing hands and i don't really mind. i am also using regular bar soap. destashing the beauty supplies. 

    Mum hand washes when she uses the conditioner to wash clothing that needs dry cleaning. it's her hack for saving money. personally. i don't hand wash much so i don't know but where curtains are charged by the weight... it can cost a lot of money to dry clean!

    i dumped the hair conditioner in our Bosch washing machine as a softener, there is a recipe you mix with white vinegar. A-OK :)

    We don't use dryer here in Australia much... not in my home. you know... i always say : The sun is free. You and you know how blessed we are in the sun/uv department. ;) Summer still here down under.

    Girls everywhere uses shampoo to wash their expensive makeup brushes and beautyblender (expensive makeup sponge). They sell specialised cleansers for makeup brushes but at a hefty price.

    :) hehe a way to help the shampoo/conditioner market sell more products perhaps.

  • An oldy but goody. 
  • :) I am still catching up with your podcast mate! :D
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