Hair Removal Cream/Gel

Do they really work? What is the chemistry on hair removal creams? Can anyone please explain?


  • Hair removal creams contain sulfur compounds which break down the disulfide bonds in hair. The occuring chemical reaction is more or less comparable with the first step of perming.
    Hair becomes extremely brittle during this procedure, so that you can scrape it off from your skin only with a spatula.
  • Yes, hair removal creams work just as @Alichino explains.
  • It really depends. There are several factors that will affect the hair removal creams you choose. You should alway ask these questions before buying the cream.

    The first question is: do I have sensitive or normal skin?

    Then, you should ask: is my hair tough and thick or is it thin and soft hair.

    Be aware that some products aimed at men are brilliant for women with coarse hair. Here A nice Little source for How to Remove Facial Hair Naturally: 13 Best Methods to Try
  • I think you should take any hair removel cream according to your skin that how sensitive your skin is..
  • hey,
    you can must try this hair removal cream. I had hair on my face but using this cream has greatly benefited me.
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