Conditioner vs. Mask: Are Masks a Waste of Money?

Hi gentleman, I was wondering if the mask version of my favorite conditioner is worth a try? I love Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner and I recently came across the treatment/mask version of this conditioner. The mask is pretty much the same with the addition of petrolatum and mineral oil. Do these ingredients make a difference or do they end up washed down the drain? By the way, thank you both for all of your hard work over the years, you will be missed. I can't thank you enough.


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    Petrolatum and mineral oil will provide heavier conditioning on your hair. They will actually be harder to wash out than most ingredients in conditioners. It certainly might be worth trying, although some people might find a product with them weighs down the hair too much.
  • I tried it and it did stick to my hair after rinsing. It left my hair weighed down for sure and it took along time to dry. It definitely was difficult to remove it the next time I washed. My hair felt tangled and had a "drag" to it when I went to de-tangle.
  • @MelissaMary - That's not surprising.
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