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Something new to straighten my hair without heat damage

edited December 2013 in Ask the Beauty Brains
I saw a new hair clip to my straighten hair without heat damage. It just might work so I thought I would share it, but it is still in the development phase.


  • This product looks very interesting but I'm skeptical about how well it work. Here's why: 

    1. It does nothing to restructure chemical bonds in hair. 
    How does it undo the structure of wavy hair without heat or chemicals? The only thing it can do is hold hair in a straight configuration while it dries, which will reduce some frizziness and waviness. 

    2. It does nothing to KEEP hair straight
    Even if you use these clips to keep your hair straight while it dries, there's nothing to prevent the hair from reverting to its curly/wavy configuration. ESPECIALLY one's it's exposed to humidity.    

    In addition I don't think its very easy for any type of simple clamp to hold enough hair tightly enough to prevent it from slipping over time, especially while you're sleeping on it.  
  • edited December 2013
    Thanks for your comments. Humidity affects my hair even if I use a hot iron to straighten it or makes it revert back to its configuration. Shame on humidity! So, it seems like a hair gel should be used with any hair styling product to protect it more against frizziness. I thought this product was different since it is made out of a softer, anti-slip material unlike regular clips. I will find out after I try it, but I do not know how soon that will be.
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