Why are there so many different variations of facial features?

Why do facial features vary so much from different races and even within a race. What is the point? Why do some people have tiny thin lips and some have big thick lips? Why do some people have sharp features? What is the point of having a big nose?


  • I think it mostly had to do with were do you live, like having curly hair in hot cities. But all of this was in the start, haha when the human race was developing. You can search anthropology.
  • Rozy, when people of similar or different races procreate their kids wind up like some interesting combination of their respective families. Many kids even take on physical features of extended family members (for example my sister has sandy blonde wavy hair like my father, but I have dark brown curly hair like my uncle).

    Parents pass on genes which can also lie dormant, or gene expression can be turned off because of known or unknown causes. 

    How certain features look like combinations is even more fascinating. My dad has very thin lips and my mother has really full ones. Mine are somewhere in the middle, I don't know why or how, but that's the way I came out.

    Besides, why question it, if we all looked the same life would be so boring!
  • Yes it would be really boring. I have heard thin lips are often from ancestors in cold regions.
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