Does the oil cleansing method have any scientifc basis for why it would work?

Or is this all hype?


  • How do you get the oil off your skin after you cleansed it with the oil?
  • The oil cleansing method works by the scientific principle of "like dissolves like." The idea is that the "good" oil removes oil soluble gunk like dirt, makeup residue, etc from your face and leaves a light layer behind which moisturizes skin.  

    It's not hype but it's also not for everyone since some people don't like the feel of an oily residue. Different strokes for different folks. 
  • It works for me but I don't use the hot towel anymore) because my skin is kind of dry and prone to acne at the same time. Oil moistures my skin better than all other products and cleans it at the same time. I have also heard that some vegetable oils can act like DHT blockers and that helps with acne but I'm not sure this is true.
  • It works for me.
  • I'm pretty sure DHT is not a known contributor to acne but to hair loss. Correct me if I'm wrong brains...
  • You are correct, madam. 
  • Its funny how people complain if sunscreens and lotion feel even slightly oily but they will smear oil on their faces. ;)
  • Exactly, rozy! :))

    People just don't like reapplying sunscreen either, especially if they wear foundation.
  • Yeah that is why I stopped wearing makeup because you can't keep your makeup looking decent and apply more sunscreen.
  • It is more important for me to protect the skin.
  • Good for you Rozy.
    Another option you might want to look into is using BB cream/Tinted Moisturizer only. That's easily re-applied throughout the day and because it's sheer you don't really need a mirror. But it is nice if you feel you need a little bit of coverage and you need to re-apply sunscreen.
  • BB Cream doesn't have enough sunscreen in it though and it might react with the main sunblock that I wear. To get enough sun protection from a BB I would have to wear so much that it would look bad.
  • Some BB creams are very high in sunscreen (Boscia is one that comes to mind) and would be just fine on their own. Additionally, if you choose one that matches your skin and suits your skin type, using a lot of it would actually make you look great. For example, the Too Faced BB cream suits my skin really nicely and has an SPF of 20. On a hurried day I will wear just 2-3 layers of this and my skin looks great.

    It's not impossible.
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