Thoughts on "life extension research"? I don't get why they make slams against public healthcare systems and compare them to the USSR. I think it would be nice if in the future getting old did not mean disabled and if the cosmic effects could be better treated but I don't know if extending human lives is worth it. I will kill myself before I get nursing home age I already know what its like to be young and disabled I cannot imagine how much it would suck to be old and disabled. I don't mean transhumanism btw that is just dumb. 


  • Why do you say transhumanism is dumb? I think when the Donald Trump rich egomaniacs of the world get wind of it, they will happily fund research to extend their own lives.
  • Transhumanism is dumb because I think it is really sci-fi unrealistic. I'm skeptical. Its not as bad as cyronics though. Yeah super rich people will love to fund this stuff, the guy who owns Paypal donates to this kind of thing. I am very suspicious of them pushing a certain political view. Fully privatized healthcare is not better like they claim. Profit over people is the reason the US healthcare system is more expensive than anywhere else in the developed world. Classist dimwits.
  • Oh I don't think they're dimwits, they appear to be smart enough to know how to pad their own pockets.

    And when it comes to technology, it moves so fast, that who knows if 50 years from now certain transhumanist ideas might be on the horizon..
    There was once a time when smart phones sounded like sorcery and sci-fi to most people.
  • So what, poor people are poor because they're stupid? I don't think rich people are smarter than anyone else, just fortunate to not have the struggle like us commoners. I am sure they are environmental factors like good nutrition, music lessons etc but that doesn't make them smart just privileged. Listen to the things these people say and tell me they are not dimwits. All you have to do is quote Dave Mustaine, Donald Trump, Bush Jr etc.
  • “I watch some of these shows from over in Africa, and you’ve got
    starving women with six kids. Well, how about, you know, put a plug in
    it?”- Dave Mustaine, multi-millionare.
  • I'm not saying they're any smarter than the average person Rozy (also not trying to start an argument here). I think they're rich enough or grew up rich enough to hire very smart finance people who would teach them how to take advantage of any and all economic opportunities, whether they're moral or not.

    I think a lot of poor people are very intelligent (including people in my family, my mother was a childhood savant but our family could never afford to send her to school so she got married instead) but the opportunities are far more limited.

    All I'm saying is that transhumanism is an interesting collection of scientific thought out of which we might get some cool development. The optimist in me hopes that at least they develop some more effective therapies against things like Alzheimer's so that hopefully more than just the super rich can benefit from the research.
  • I don't know how much of a science it is yet though. Seems more computer nerds who don't get biology and chemistry. I am glad you know poor people aren't poor because they are stupid. Some people actually believe this and I find it offensive.
  • There's actually a very interesting TED talk that goes into understanding why someone who was born into or received some sort of economic advantage might think that way. It's a logical fallacy that most human beings are prone to:

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    There tends to be a lot of quackery and misleading research in "life extension" science. Of course, there's quackery in almost every field of science, but you'll see a lot of quackery in "anti-aging" clinics. This is especially true if these "clinics" offer dangerous and unproven stem cell therapies for a variety of diseases.

    You might know what I'm trying to remember, brainy, but wasn't there a study done by Mayo Clinic that looked at NF-kb inhibition for anti-aging effects in mice? I can't seem to find it online.
  • I haven't read through this thread thoroughly enough to comment except with a side track--is anyone shocked how much quackery is featured on public television?
  • What reminded me is that some of those quacks (on pbs) talk about longevity.
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    Yes it is amazing what it passed off as science. Many skeptics have pretty much destroyed the concept of transhumanism (converting human brains to computers). The annoying thing is transhumanism pretty much means whatever they want it to mean. Has no real definition.
  • Hi Michelle, sorry for my lack of reply. I'm not aware of that study. Personally I don't really follow transhumanism, so honestly I'm not particularly knowledgeable about this. It's just something I've had some discussions about with friends.

    Sarah, would you say public television quackery approaches internet quackery in ubiquity?
  • Television is worse imo bc it reaches even people that do not use the internet and people have more trust of the supposed experts and less tools at their exposal to find out if the expert is properly qualified. On the web you can just google their name.
  • I am actually not surprised by the amount of quackery on public television. -coughs- Dr. Oz.
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