Wrinkles on my finger tips- I'm 18!!

So I have wrinkles on my finger tips but I'm only 18. What could be causing this?!


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    Are they around or just under your nails? Because I have them too--underneath my nails, that is.
  • Well, maybe I should ask what they look like. Duh. #-o

    Just for general information, wrinkles (without having them soaked in water) can be signs of dehydration, possibly even nerve damage.
  • No its on the pads of my fingers. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, before I got sick I walked a lot everyday for fun but then it started to make me feel extremely tired. It is really miserable and I don't exercise anymore so I probably going to die a horrible early death because sedentary is bad. The worst things is doctors treat me like its all in my head. :( My feet are also always cold.
  • What are some things that cause nerve damage?
  • Lots of things, like diabetic neuropathy, autoimmune diseases, some medications, viral infections, and some vitamin deficiencies.

    Nobody really knows what causes CFS, unfortunately. Some doctors think it might be a somatoform disorder (a mental disorder, but it would have a neurophysiological/biological cause).
  • Rozy have you been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome? How do they even test for something like that?
    And if it helps you feel better, I'm always tired and have cold feet too. So I just ingest copious amounts of caffeine and wear thick wooly socks and pretend to be a regular Jane :)
  • Okay everyone I hadn't been using moisturizer and when I did it went away!
    A specialist diagnosed me with CFS. He thinks it is a nervous system disorder triggered by stress. The important thing is that they check to make sure your fatigue isn't caused by something else so you get lots of blood tests to see if its a nutritional deficiency issue. I can't pretend to be a regular Jane I am disabled by my exhaustion. CFS comes with post exertional malaise so exercise makes my fatigue worse not better. There has been a recent study saying it may be caused by immune activity against serotonin. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23664637
  • Caffeine does nothing for me my doctor even put me on ritalin and it didn't help.
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