Article claims makeup causes wrinkles.
"I know you don’t believe me, but you really are the prettiest without it
and it really does damage your skin. Trust me, I was a ballerina and I
used really strong makeup as a teenager and I got my first wrinkles in
high school." That is complete anecdotal baloney. It also claims moisturizing your skin prevents aging, is that true?


  • Moisturizing does not prevent aging. Only sunscreen does.
  • Agreed. 
  • "I know you don’t believe me, but you really are the prettiest without it
    I most certainly don't believe it :D Even Demi Moore is not Demi Moore without makeup.
  • "Protecting the barrier function of the skin is an important way to
    decrease the formation of wrinkles. Use of a good moisturizer to help
    maintain water in the skin and prevent water loss can delay and
    diminish lines. Look for a moisturizer that contains water and high
    quality oils to help prevent loss of moisture from the skin. Humectants
    such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed proteins, even
    hydrolyzed oat products can help."
  • I thought that was a myth!
  • It's true that moisturizing can plump up fine lines and wrinkles and make them less visible. But just moisturizing won't stop the factors that cause wrinkles such as the breakdown of collagen and elastin. 
  • Rozy, what they're specifying is the fact that a good moisturizer can help reinforce and protect the barrier function of the skin, which keeps irritants and allergens out. Irritation is related to premature aging. So moisturizing, in and of itself, isn't protecting the skin from aging, but it is somewhat protecting the skin from irritation, which is good for anti-aging. If the moisturizer happens to contain a good broad spectrum sunscreen and antioxidants, then yay! Even better!
  • Good answer!
  • Oh thanks brainy I didn't know that!
  • I wonder if that one article was influenced by the "experiment" where the dermatologist never took her makeup off for a month.
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