DMDM Hydantoin safety

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Hi Brains! Love your blog. I was recently reading another blog written by a UK cosmetic chemist, and stumbled upon and interesting post about DMDM Hydantoin—
Since Colin is a cosmetic chemist I feel that his opinion is valid. On the other hand, I just checked the ingredient list on a few of my lotions, and this ingredient was present in all of them. I don't want to toss all my lotions yet, so I wanted to hear your take on the safety of this ingredient.


  • We're very familiar with Colin's work and we agree with his assessment that this preservative is safe and effective. He just chooses not to use it.  
  • Thanks, Randy! There is a catch, though. In his post Colin did say that this ingredient has been checked and studied, but he personally thinks it has the potential to be harmful. Do you think his theory has some truth to it?
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