A high SPF for acne, reactive, very sad skin for the face. Is there one?

I have tried many Sunscreens/creams for the face (Cane & Austin, La Roche-Posay, Esthederm...)
I wear mineral make-up (as it helps with the shine!) and the sun-creams I have tried, make my face really greasy and tend to make my skin worse.
I have a SPF of 20 in my mineral make-up but I'm thinking that I may need a little more than that.
I'm starting the hunt now before summer comes, but I'm at a bit of a loose end.
I've been considering Bare Minerals SPF 30 loose powder which you can keep on apply over make-up throughout the day (seems handy)
But I have no idea if this gives a "suitable" protection.
Or if a mineral SPF actually works at all!
I'm wondering what other people have tried...
Also some advice on SPF for the face that can be worn (well) under and over make-up...
And what level of SPF I should be ideally looking for, I tend to go for the highest as I don't want to tan my face.

Thank you! x


  • First, I hope Sarah picks up on this thread. Sarah is really, REALLY good at sunscreens. 

    Second, please do not rely on your makeup for sun protection. If you put on enough of the makeup to reach the SPF they list on the label it would look horrible. 

    Third, you need to be using a high spf broad spectrum sunscreen every single day of the year. Not just in the summer!

    I have oily sensitive skin myself. I am currently using Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, Daily Moisturizer Face SPF 30+ each day. I wear makeup daily and, like you, I tend to use powder makeup. It works better with my oily skin. When it is time to re-apply the sunscreen I use Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable SPF 30. (The initial purchase is pricey but the refills aren't terribly expensive.) It is handy to carry with you. I would not rely on it for my main sunscreen though. I only use it to re-apply through the day. This has been working well for me thus far.

    I hope you find what works for you. Trying to find products that work can be very frustrating.
  • Hi! I also have very sensitive, acne prone skin. What makes it even more difficult: its shiny on the T zone and dry on cheeks. I have discovered for myself Clinique City Block (SPF 25) and I LOVE IT! It does provide some light coverage and invisible on the skin, also protects well from the Sun. I normally use it on top of my anti-acne or moisturising cream.
    Actually, I would be curious to know what our experts think about this cream? :-)

    here is the link: 
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    My all time fave sunscreen is Elta MD UV Clear.  It contains niacinamide, which is supposed to be anti-inflammatory and good for rosacea and acne.  It is definitely not shiny or greasy (I need a good moisturizer under it).  That said, I seem to remember reading that mineral sunscreens (i.e., those containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) can block pores.  That said, it doesn't do it on me at all, so I think it's worth a try.
  • Thanks ladies!
    (Sarahf the Elta MD UV sounds great but I'm struggling to find a place/site to get it here in the UK)

    I have (however) been further researching,
    And came across a number of websites that said about making your own sunscreen
    Click here for the website I found
    Is Zinc Oxide a bit "dangerous" to be using by someone inexperience as me? (when it comes to making products that is)
    Also... a couple of site said that you shouldn't breath zinc oxide in/ to wear a mask when working with it...
  • Maybe the Brains can tell you if there are issues with breathing zinc oxide in. I have two zinc oxide based powders for reapplication during the day. 

    I don't tend to 'breathe in' when applying makeup anyway so it shouldn't be an issue for me? Brains? What do you say??
  • In general, the danger of breathing in powder is related to exposure during  processing and mixing. if you're making your own products and mixing large quantities it couldn't hurt to wear a mask. I haven't seen anything to suggest that you need to worry about just applying a product that contains zinc oxide. 
  • Thanks Randy!
  • Another reason that I forgot to mention is that "raw" powders are more prone to dusting compared to powders in finished products which will likely contain oils or other binders that reduce the amount of particulate which become airborne. Hmm, maybe I should just turn this discussion into a blog post. 
  • Not to push my product on you, but I find it on Amazon UK.  http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=elta+md+uv+clear  I think you'd really like it!
  • Lovely! I shall get some at the end of the month when pay day kicks in. I am always curious to try things that have been recommended. Thank you!

    (Randy) With regards to zinc oxide powder. What about if you mix it within your existing moisturiser. Then (in effect) would your moisturiser then become a sun cream?!
  • I would not mess around with mixing my own sun cream because if you get it wrong you could end up with sun-damaged skin. Here are a couple of reasons why it's trickier than you might think: 

    You have to use the right amount. 
    You have to have the right particle size.
    You have to have the zinc oxide properly dispersed.  
    You have to have the zinc oxide stabilized in your moisturizer other wise it might settle out before you can use it. 

  • I think (hope) Amazon has a pretty good return policy in case you are not happy with it.
  • Amazon it is!
    Thanks Guys!
  • I would trust the chemists who make sunscreen much more than my laywoman ass! I find the stick sunscreens are less greasy. You just have to try different sunscreens. Most stores will let you return it if you only used it once plus a translucent power should soak up the greasiness but if its chemical sunscreen agents you need to let it soak in anyways.
  • Hi Adelinna :) Would you be able to tell me what sort of tint is in that Clinique spf? I almost bought this but not sure what type of tint it is. Does it look like a foundation type tint or? Thanks!
  • If you have a problem you can call the company and they give you a coupon for a free product. Eco friendly and more expensive products sometimes do not have a customer service line to call so I avoid them. Even if you think you won't be able to use it you can get a coupon and give it as a gift. I had to do this once because my Treseme Split Remedy had tiny white balls separated and it was no problem and they were nice.
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