Eye irritation from makeup



  • Here in Canada there is always commercials for a cleaner that claims to be gentler. http://www.lysol.ca/en/cleaning-products/power-free/power-free-multi-purpose-cleaner
  • Tree I think we're misunderstanding each other.
    My family is European too and believe me my grandma has passed on the vinegar trick.
    What I'm saying is, if I'm using vinegar or ANY cleaning solution whatsoever, I'm careful not to touch my eyes or even my face and when I'm done I wash my hands very thoroughly. That way I can avoid irritation.
    If it's cheap and effective, keep using it but just beware of how you might accidentally put some very acidic chemicals near the mucous membranes of your eyes.
  • Vinegar is overrated. Just wash an extra time if your hair is greasy, it would be less damaging than vinegar probably.
  • Rozy she uses vinegar for home cleaning purposes rather than hair care.
  • I used to pour pure vinegar on my greasy hair! :O
  • I used to do it with diluted vinegar, not anymore. It's pointless. I just read on the Internet that it helps with mold so I gave it a try. Now I'm only using it for my laundry but I may ditch the stuff altogether.
    My eyes are better now, I've noticed they are much more irritated if I haven't had enough sleep. The eyelash curler also irritates them if I haven't cleaned it (I only curl my lashes with mascara on, they will not curl any other way).
  • Tree, I'm glad to know your situation is improving. Keep us up to date on what happens.
    An eyelash curler has no ingredients which can interact with the skin, it's probably your mascara on the curler, if anything.
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