Are natural extracts better than water?

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Liz asks…Since water is usually the first ingredient of any shampoo… then all these extracts are basically taking the place of plain old water. What would make this formulation different is the concentration of the extracts in the purified water, no? The Beauty Brains respond: Think of it like this, Liz: Let’s say my shampoo […] Are natural extracts better than water?


  • I am disgusted by Randy and your unrelenting attack on botanicals.

    Why should we believe anything that two chemists say about plants which everyone knows are not made up of chemicals; they are natural and better still they are organic. It's not as if whatever college you graduated from ever offered a course in organic chemistry, because organic means natural and natural means no chemicals and no chemicals automatically means it is healthy.

    What's next with you two? Are you going to attack reflexology, chiropractic, astrology, numerology, acupuncture or homeopathy? Please stick to what you know: chemical and leave the botanicals to the experts: the aestheticians.

    (I just picked up a bottle of hand soap standing at the rim of the kitchen sink which my wife purchased from Bath and Body Works entitled, "Fresh Picked Honey Crisp Apple. Simple-Fresh-Good." I would throw it out except my wife would brain me.To make matters worse, it purports to be anti-bacterial; good luck with that killing the five trillion bacteria, most  useful, I have crawling inside and outside of me.). 
  • MKN: If you're disgusted by our "unrelenting attack" on pseudoscience (which by the way, does include homeopathy) you're certainly free to go elsewhere. 
  • You are kidding, right?

    I love your attacks on pseudoscience and I thought that my approval was crystal clear in tongue-in-cheek complaint about the article on botanicals in which I listed about eight examples of pseudoscience of which homeopathy was but one. And to avoid any possible misinterpretation that I thought that the inclusion of botanicals in formulation was totally bogus I noted that my wife had purchased hand soap with botanicals that I wanted to throw out. Beyond that I went so far to mock the chemo-haters, natural-lovers crowd by claiming that plants are not comprised of chemical which patently they are.

    You missed all of that sarcasm, really?


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