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  • ana25lucas2
    hi has anyone done any research on the hairfinity vitamins ? im thinking of trying it out ..ive recently had a baby and my hair is extremely dry,nails are brittle and lots of shedding which i belive is due to hormonal imbalance 
     any shampoo and conditioner that would help with this 
    March 2015
    • ArgonOilsTheNuRadium
      Did you take your prenatal vitamins? Those are really essential for restoring the extra you need while carrying, and during delivery. You're probably in good shape now, if not try coconut oil for your hair to prevent further damage in place of any styling product first off, and for shampoo conditioner, I'm not really sure. Randy would know. Skin- Tested and true. I recommend NIvia's Firming Co Q ten for new moms anywhere you feel needs it. Cocoa butter for the tummy after it heals, and shea butter for eeeeevery where else. If you get 100% shea butter you can even treat your self to rubbing its buttery goodness on your face. Also Mederma scar cream isn't bad for scars. It don't fade stretch marks, but if you had a Cesarian, it helps heal in tandem with cocoa butter though it will never be as it was. Um, NAILS! The quickest fix is calcium, and vit D. I recommend the gummie smoothie ones, 1. because they are tasty, 2. Idk, See no. 1. :P (I think I have a gummy problem.) Also Sally Hanson, or what every your beauty supply store is around your parts happens to be you can find, special nail polishes for nail growing. Look for the garlic based one, it strengthens them, or hardens them I think? I'm not sure, well either of them are clear, and odorless (I mean not stinking of garlic!), and will have your fingers and toes feeling ship shape if the vitamins aren't enough.

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