Pumpkin enzyme... is it?


I've been studying enzymes in cosmetics, but I can't understand how does this one work. This ingredient is used in Peter Thomas famous Pumpkin enzyme mask, and the enzyme is supposed to come from the fruit. But after reading  this description, I'm kind of confused:

"IMCD offers two enzyme-based ingredients from Active Concepts: ACB Pumpkin Enzyme [INCI: Lactobacillus/ pumpkin pepo fruit ferment extract] and ACB Pomegranate Enzyme [INCI: Lactobacillus/Cucurbita fruit ferment filtrate]. By fermenting the fruit with Lactobacillus lactis many of the complex bio-molecules in the fruit are broken down releasing isolated phytochemicals. Through the use of selective filtration techniques the proteolytic fractions can be isolated and concentrated. Protease from Greentech is a mixture of Subtilisin and glucose; it is an enzyme derived from micro-organisms that shows 66% increase in keratolytic action by cleaving peptide bonds, thus releasing dead skin cells from the stratum corneum."

And by the way, is it exfoliating, does the enzyme release phytochemicals... or what else?
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