How to safely use product


I have been no poo (more or less) for a while now and I use a silicone free conditioner. I rarely/never use other products. Now I cut my hair short and its summertime in NYC and my wavy curls are all in my face at work and I can't have that at my job... so I'm going to need to start using Bobby pins and hair spray.

I'm new to this. I understand the only damage is because it makes the hair hard and then if I go to brush it/don't wash it out its more prone to breakage.

But even before when I shampooed I would always put conditioner on before shampooing to help the hair slide and so my curls would knot less- would this method be bad for removing buildup? Also I always read that shampoo really only needs to be applied to the roots how would this remove the buildup which will be mostly on the ends?

Would just using brush out hairspray (if it's strong enough) and brushing it out and then using conditioner sutible? And just shampooing when needed like once in a whole?



  • I'm not sure I totally understand your question but if you're asking if conditioning before shampooing can help reduce damage, the answer is yes. It also means that your hair might not get as clean. Brush out hairspray won't clean your hair of oil or conditioner residue. 
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