Inhibitif - I'm trying it and, for me, it's already working. Anyone else try it?

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With all the talk about The Ordinary, recently, I was re-intrigued by an earlier product from their parent company DECIEM - Inhibitif.

I re-read the Beauty Brains Podcast "Do Hair Growth Inhibitors Really Work?" ( and decided, well... why not give it a shot. First, some background.

I'm a fair-skinned person with dark leg hair and I've lived most of my life in a location that was relatively cold with few hot days a year (San Francisco, CA).  I've lived in Europe for the last 9 years where the summers are REALLY hot and muggy and wearing linen pants just wasn't cutting it, anymore.  

I found out that shaving my legs with a razor would only last about a day - two if no one looked closely. Hair removal creams worked for three days - but they are stinky, expensive and messy. I started epilating three years ago and, although most women only need to do it once a month I have to do it every two weeks - and I'm not kidding - it takes me 1 1/2 hours to do both legs and plus you need to add on the endless exfoliating and lotion-spreading and  whatnot to keep ingrown hairs from forming. And, honestly, I don't know about this "myth" that epilating slows your hair growth or damages some follicles - I'm pretty sure I had more leg hair three years after I started (could be hormonal - I also started precocious menopause 3 years ago).

I decided that THIS was going to be the year I was going to tame those hairy daemon legs. They are a big problem that disrupts my life for at least six months a year  because of the climate in which I live now- next to the Mediterranean sea.

I've read-up on laser removal - I'm a prime candidate with fair skin and dark hair - but recent events have dedicated our budget elsewhere and we're talking thousands of dollars to get it done.

So, I bought myself the latest epilator model for Christmas and I cut down the epilation time in half  to just 45 minutes for both legs, every two weeks.  

Last month I ordered Inhibitif - with the dewy eyes of hope and  wonder. I started applying it almost twice a day for two weeks.  I say almost because I would say at least three out of the 7 days I only applied it once. It is very liquidy and very strongly perfumed - it actually smells like a man's cologne.  I wonder if this product was actually formulated for men since it's called a "body" serum and not a "leg" serum that a woman might shop for.

Anyway, here I am two weeks later and ready to epilate. Whahaaa!?? There is only half or maybe just a third of hair on my legs than usual aaand it only took me 15 minutes to epilate each leg!  I'm going to stick with it - if I can cut down epilation to just once a month this product will seriously change my life. 

Has anyone else tried it, or curious to try?  What have been your results?




  • I had forgotten that DECIEM makes Inhibitf. 
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    OK, checking back in - as I'm over the 4-week mark. The slowing of hair growth continues - and I'm only half-way through the recommended two-month twice-daily application.

    I used a whole 240ml bottle for the first month - ordered a second one and it came in different packaging.  This time the label is bright blue (not like the photo on the website) and the front it says it has a "neutral" odor.  There is no choice on the website as to what "flavor" to choose so I feel there is some inconsistency there.  The neutral odor smells like "hairspray" -sickly sweet with a bit of alcohol undertones.  It either seems to spread better than the previous bottle or I've instantly gotten better at applying it because I'm not holding my breath.

    I would say the growth has slowed  enough so that I only have half as much hair re-growing for my 2-week epilation. Since I mentioned time for epilation as a guide in my previous post I would say that the last session only took 10 minutes per leg and that "just-epilated smooth feeling" is lasting for several days.

    Already, this serum has also stopped most in-grown hairs and my legs look great! Which is something I don't think I've ever said about them in my entire 44-year-old life. I don't have to hide my legs when I'm changing in the locker room - or be embarrassed at the mass of wiry black hair or red dots on my legs and feet when my Karate teacher holds my foot to position my leg.

    Things are progressing well.  I'm really impressed!

    I will continue with one more month of twice-daily application and see where that gets me in time for summer. Even if hair growth doesn't slow any more I already feel like I'm in a better place than before - 20 minutes vs. an 1:30 epilating twice a month (thanks to inhibitif and a newer model epilator)!

    I feel like a big hairy weight is being lifted form my shoulders (and legs). : )


  • pazzaglia  

    is it healthy though? something that modify the body's natural process is a lil frightening to me.
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    Welcome back @preciousia !

    Well, there is a question on one of the chemicals- it's true - as discussed in a previous Beauty Brains podcast.  Interestingly, the article they linked to with a summary of the concerns is gone and no one else wrote about it. So, that'a a little suspicious but not a sign that it wasn't legit.

    I found the article through the Internet Archive and the main concern was about what would happen if this untested chemical entered the blood stream.  Personally, I find that argument ridiculous for a topical product.  Because we all know from listening to the Beauty Brains how much the skin works to ensure everything we touch and apply on it DOES NOT get into the bloodstream.  BUT, just to be safe, if I have broken skin I do not apply this topical treatment there.

    One has to weigh the risks and benefits  when choosing something like this. For me hairy legs are a big problem because of the speed at which my hair grows, its color on my white skin and the climate in which I live.  I was literally either cooking in pants or embarassed if I didn't do a time-consumingdepliation that only looked decent for maybe a week and a half - I kept getting nicks from razoring so that's out and also time-consuming to do every day.

    I really wanted to do Laser but it just wasn't in the cards because of all the other un-planned things that came up. Now, since you can't be in sunlight when you're having laser treatments, I have to wait until next year (if nothing else comes up).

    So, at least for this summer,  I decided to at least try this more affordable and convenient option.

    BTW, I believe the Inhibitif serum is the only one to have the questionable chemical you could always try the "cream" if you're curious!


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    I wouldn't use it based on. 
    a) If you calculate the lifecycle of the cost of the product of Inhibitif you are going to use from now to end. What works out better? What are the cost/benefits? Which do you prefer if money is not an issue. I prefer Laser. IPL is a cheaper alternative (also damn good, i IPL my underarms, AMA)

    b) the other point which i referenced in the ordinary forums is the company. Who are you buying from. Science or Pseudo science? What is the active ingredient and is it safe? Any Independent research to corrobate what the marketing says?
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    I know most of your questions are rhetorical, but at least for the cost I have an idea.  

    I don't have particularly thin legs so the first month of twice-daily application was exactly one 240ml bottle.  I'm going to assume that next month will be the same.  So far, two 240ml bottles for 120 applications have cost me €70.  The maintenance will be just one application every other day.  So that will be 15 applications a month. So that means that each 240ml bottle will last me four months in the maintenance stage.  That works out to €8.75 per month or about €100 per year.  

    Laser hair removal for the entire leg costs about €800 per session and requires anywhere from 4-8 sessions for complete removal.  Plus annual maintenance.  

    So, even if I would only need four laser hair removal sessions -  and no maintenance (which I've heard you need to do first every six months, then annually, then semi-annually to maintain hair-free results) - for the cost of laser I can use Inhibitif for over 30 years!

    Hopefully, I won't need to wait that long to get laser hair removal!! ; )



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    i paid $900 flat rate for 1 year... the first year you need the most IPL for har removal

    this was over a decade ago. 

    IPL offers permanent reduction. not as good as Laser. So next question is how much and how does it compare to Inhibitif? 98% of my hair are GONE! damn armpit hair! I will never ever miss them. IPL helps lighten the darkened pits too. Now... about 10+ year layer... they are so low maintenance. An occasional hair here or there grows. But that's it.

    hey but IPL is better than Inhibitif imho

    Laser is expensive coz the machines are so exxxxxy

    ps: the surface area needed for armpits is much smaller so legs are larger skin surface

    Also for my legs i have been using an epilator for over 2 decades... the newer epilators are faster/wireless and mine is a philips (widest model so i can do my body in half the time)

    Over 2 decades later now.. my hair has grown thinner, finer and some and some have literally disappeared.  hooray. I use it for arms legs. Anywhere i want.  Thank you Auntie Irene.

    I think i prefer this method. the only problem is exfoliation, i do a manual scrub as sometimes dead skin affects in growths.

    ps: the technology with epilators have improved by so much over the years. i did a review on a forum not too long last year, shall i dig it out?

    if you want to spend more... Babyliss IPL home machines are out. Cheaper. less time (diy at home) no need to go to the beauty salon.

    do your due dilligence. Don't just listen to whatever the sales pitch of the salons or blogs you read... sometimes... friends you know are better. Check with the gals in your circle what they do. Hair Removal is a topic everyone isn't embarassed to ask... especially as us ladies. 

    i try to help what i know based on my long term exprience and i don't want to spend too much. the best value proposition. At the end of the day. Go for Inhibitif if you like. Check with your herbalist what they think?! What you apply on your body is absorbed. Remember TBB episode on that girl who thinks she can put on weight applying moisturiser. Some truth in that but not entirely enough to get fat. An active i do not know about. makes me nervous
  • @pazzaglia 

    i was looking at the ingredients for you and i haven't given up yet. I had been drafting this for a while. on and off. i had been busy apologies and disraught with hackers. Back Fine and Dandy now.

    Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol, Propanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Dihydromyricetin, Chelidonine, Saccharide Isomerate, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Sodium Bisulfite, Farnesol, Linalool.

    to be continued i keep getting error messages on TBB
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    I am not too fond of the ingredients 

    2nd ingredient :Butylene Glycol & 11th place Pentylene Glycol

    I am really not fond of  Butylene/Pentylene Glycol in such high concentration. Both Glycols are humectants and they can potentially cause dry skin due to increased TWL in low humidity (eg Australia depending where you live), I am not sure about humidity where you are but Humectants can take instead of give moisture. Butylene Glycol is classified as a Hygroscopic Humectant that absorbs water from the air.  

    Will it give you dry skin? If you are in a low humidity climate, avoid as they draw moisture out of the skin instead of the atmosphere.

    They do include the giving sort of humectant Sodium Hyaluronate / HA which can attract and hold 1000 times its weight in water so hopefully that may negate any negative effects from 

    Propanediol  I can call @Peter to comment. Could be Propylene Glycol which is a health hazard aka 1,2-propanediol  source

    Others i dislike: Linalool.  (fragrance,hopefully not much) 
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    The active ingredient Dihydromyricetin, 

    I think is safe based on the research below.

    I am guessing it is safe as it is an antioxidant/flavonoid that is approved for human consumption and use by Asia for years, other benefits are that it is anti-cancer.

    Approved by the Korean Food & Drug Administration as a cure for alcohol related problems such as hangovers liver damage. The research tested overdoses and 150mg/kg and found it safe and would not present any serious side effects on the consumer.

    Biological functions including hypoglycemic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, hepatoprotective and neuroprotective effects.



    I looked through 4 pages of journal listing but i could not find a single independent research confirming Dihydromyricetin hair growth reducing properties. 

    There’s a trade study by a company selling a product with a lower concentration of dihydromyricetin called Telocapil. Source: Lab Muffin

    In Vivo activity The study involved 15 volunteers, who applied Telocapil (2% on one leg and Placebo on the other leg, twice daily, for 63 days. Measurements were taken every 21 days. Volunteers filled an evaluation questionnaire by the end of the treatment.

    • 93% of the volunteers noticed reduced amount of hair.
    • 80% of the volunteers noticed thinner hair

    Active Ingredient Properties: Retards / weakens body hair growth


    The impressive results proven is biased of course.

    Other names: Ampelopsin Others:  Source

    Hey it is not like you are consuming it, you are just applying it.  

    Conclusion: Active ingredient is safe!

  • Compare the alternatives

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    Personally though, i still am very pleased with my $900 IPL quoted for 1 year of laser that has minimal maintenance for me now. With Inhibitif cost evaluation, you did not consider the cost and time taken to apply/shave as laser will not have those costs.

    After a number of treatments, the cost per hair follicles remove will increase. As more hair follicles are permanently removed, you will have less hair, yet pay the same price for 1 treatment. When evaluating your laser costs perhaps you should stop at rhetorical 6-8 sessions.

    With fair skin/dark hair. I am curious to see how much IPL will cost compared to laser. And definitely, I am eager to consider the IPL home machines (about AUD$600 EUR435) which are cheaper long term.

    If you do decide to do laser/ IPL, I must ask you to WAIT at least 1-2 cycles of the hair growth 6-12 weeks before you begin as using Inhibitif, epilator use will cause the hair follicles to be dormant, and if they are dormant, you will be wasting money with your laser treatment. Wait until they all grow out... and during the "pre-laser phase" you cannot do anything to the roots eg epilation.

    I really like your Inhibitif testimonial that it is working is awesome, thanks for sharing with us here. If it were not for the glycol they used, I would be tempted to try it myself! Please continue using Inhibitif if you don't have low humidity! Love that you do not suffer in-growths too! 

    Hope this helps :)

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    I'm always a bit skeptical on these kind of products. There's also Redensyl, which increases hair growth, comparable to 3 hair transplants surgeries....mmm...just by Dihydroquercetin and EGCG. If that would be true, why would people still be taking finasteride or minoxidil. So in short, I'm a bit skeptical ;-)

    I've done a couple of Alaxendrite/YAG laser sessions to reduce hair growth, theoretically IPL and laser are the only ways to "permanently" reduce hair growth. Although after 8 sessions I still see hair growing back.
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    @peter Well, can't argue with personal in Vivo data.
    It works for her and she is happy with it.

    Though she did not consider the cost of the product will increase over 30 years + time value of money in the Costs Comparison + time spent applying + cost of razor blades/shaving/skincare pre and post shaving etc
    which I think might have skewed her decision process.

    My preference is IPL/Laser as I have done and said in the beginning. But she prefers the cream. (Honestly If I can spend less time on beauty that's a major + for me.

    I haven't done laser hair removal, just a years worth of ipl for hair removal.

    I wonder if your skin gets used to the active ingredient over time
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    Ok is this thread filled with usernames starting with P or what? Except Randy :D


    If you read Labmuffin's post I referenced above, she mentioned Inhibitif was using a different active ingredient. Could it be an old version? The active ingredient from the current version is safe /minimal risk.

  • Just call me Prandy. 
  • :) aye aye Prandy
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    OK, I'm at the end of the second month of 2x day applications of Inhibitif Body serum and I have good news and bad news.

    First the bad.  The second bottle of inhibitif that I ordered looked different from the first one I received (which is like the picture on the website).  The second bottle looked like this:
    It performed completely different from the first. As at the end of the second month of applying this twice a day I now have the same amount of leg hair I had before I even started - except half of it is a lighter color.  Unfortunately, the bottle does not have the ingredient listing printed on the label and I threw away the box of both the first and second bottle as soon as I received them so I could not compare to see if there were any changes.

    I contacted DECIEM - which was not easy as I sent a request through the contact form two weeks ago and they never responded.  So, I spent the last week trying to message them through Facebook.  Finally, someone answered and they called the lab and they told me that they re-formulated the product and the bottle that looks like the photo on the website is the latest formulation (and the one that worked so well for me).

    So, apparently, on my second order of Inhibitif I was sent a less potent formula "not for men" with a bright blue label that someone dug out of the back of the stock room from the UK distributor.

    The good news is that they will send me a replacement bottle - it is bitter/sweet because now I have to restart on the 2x day application. : (

    Anyway, I am sharing my story because if someone receives the bright blue bottle, contact DECIM Immediatley and if you ever have the option between the formula "for men" or not - choose the men's as it is more potent.



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