Dried out Mac Painterly Pot-Isododecane and Cyclopentasiloxane ?or something other?


Mine is dried out and I've searched this forum for a way to solve this.I read on the web that there are several ways to remedy this.These are the ingredients listed to add to the product to recover the creamy texture: Isododecane and Cyclopentasiloxane. Is this correct and where can I find them in which products? I live in Europe so Walmarts and Target etc..i can't find here...I also read that microwaving or adding visine is not a good way to go...Thanks


  • I'm pretty sure you can't buy Isododecane and Cyclopentasiloxane in stores anywhere. those are chemical ingredients available to cosmetic manufacturers, not individual customers. if your Mac product dried out before it was supposed to, contact them and maybe they'll issue a replacement. if it dried out because you had it too long or if you stored it incorrectly, I'm afraid the safest thing is to throw it away.
  • oh, one other thing: I did read about a product called Duraline (brand is Inglot). some users say it can be used to revive dried products, but it's not cheap!
  • hello amy, I found something which helped my paint pot get its creamy texture back.From a cheap makeup remover, the type that separates in the bottle and you have to shake to mix? It's that top layer when unshaken is the magic .My paint pot when back to its original texture and even stays on longer..
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