Help with Moisturizers for face and body! (for the cold SWEDEN)

Greetings, I am a student new to Sweden (and new to I tried to search the pages but couldn't find anything. If there are any similar threads please do direct me)

I would like to start a skincare routine to survive this extreme winter. (this week it was - 24 where I stay but generally it varies between - 10 to 10)

Since I had just arrived I bought almond oil and Försvarets Handsalva Försvarets Handsalva from the airport these i use for my body and for my hands.
Could u let me know what Moisturizer I could use for my body and face?
(I have combination skin type )
Thank you for your time :)


  • For your hands, your best bet is to use something that contains Petrolatum. It will be a much better moisturizer than other oils. This could also work for your face but it might feel too heavy.
  • From my experience there is no such as best one choosing moisturizer depends upon your skin type, your weather condition,your exposure to sun , your working lifestyle.Finding the kind of moisturizer that best suits your particular skin type is essential to balancing the complexion and reducing signs of premature aging.

    I can recommend the following 3 moisturizers to apply on winter.

    1. Pond’s Moisturizing Cold Cream
    2. Moisturizing Cold Cream By Jolen
    3. Liquorice Cold Cream By VLCC

    Here i will tell some makeup tips for begginers: Checkout once.
  • I thik in witner season specially in the very cold places such in the Sweden you have to take care of your skin to make it oily by using oily cream to keep it fresh and cool...
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