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I am a professional stylist and I need to know-- is box dye really that bad for your hair? Does it have higher levels of ammonia or higher developers? Is it actually harder to lift out of hair than professional color? Is it more unpredictable (as far as color results/ accidentally getting green or something crazy)? I just want to know the truth instead of the biased information I got from my school teachers and fellow stylists! ?Is box dye worse than professional dye?


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    No, box dye is not bad for your hair. It really is the same technology. Of course, people get better results by going to a professional but that's because there is a skill in properly applying the product.
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    I have absolutely found that they are all different when it comes to lasting quality, lifting out, etc. but I'm not a chemist, just a person with a ton of experience on my own hair.

    For example, Purple dye: in high school, when I wanted to get Manic Panic out of my hair, all I had to do was put an ammonia/peroxide based box dye over it and it just seemed to disappear in front of my eyes -- but the color left behind was very brassy. If I want to lift Purple Goldwell Elumen out of my hair, pretty much the only thing that would really work was strong bleach. and even still, there will be a faint pink left over. that stuff has some crazy lasting power.
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    It depends on the box dye as well, but in most cases, I can get results near but it's never the same as professional products.

    It's good to note that most of these companies also own "cheaper brands" to target both low-end and high-end customers. I've been to azna salon before and the stylist there have offered me some tips on if I'm away in using box color hair but it's never the same as actually going there.

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