World's most ethical companies 2014 (four are cosmetic companies)

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World's most ethical companies 2014, according the American think tank EthiSphere - four are cosmetic companies:

Shiseido (Japan);

Kao Corporation (Japan);

L'oréal (France);

Natura (Brazil).

I don't know about their methodology, but it's interesting to see many companies that imply to be more ethical than others aren't in the ranking.


  • Interesting!
  • Yeah I can see cosmetic companies in there. They are so demonized they kind of have to try to do good. 
  • I hope this is the right place to post this - apologies if not. I just read this piece in the New Yorker and though it doesn't involve a cosmetics related company, I wonder how pervasive this kind of behavior is in industry. I want to fully trust our regulatory process (and feel like I have a much better understanding of it after listening to the podcast and reading through the archives), but this makes me a little nervous. Beauty Brains, what do you think about the role of industry subsidizing research?
  • Interesting article. Unfortunately, when it comes to cosmetics, if the industry didn't subsidize research then it probably wouldn't get done!
  • I respectfully disagree with L'Oreal I agree they may find the most effective ingredients, a lot of their products are irritating and some of the ingredients push the limits of what's safe. And I assume they're the rebels of the EU.

    I don't know about the Japanese companies, or what they sell. My guess is they're pretty solid as far as cosmetics is concerned. Maybe. If it's anything like their Ideals in testing in medicine. Shiseido sounds vaguely familiar, isn't it that the company using dermal stem cell research in their cosmetics. If so... *googles* OMG YUS!! I LOVERS THESE GUYS! Yep, I'm waving my flag on board team Japan. *rubs my gut and whispers* "the feelings you give me are never wrong, but often lead to gas."

    And I am pretty certain I have no random insight to the Brazilian company.

    Idk, the Japanese has gotten their research in pretty much all fields together. Why can't we?

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