Dr. Mercola

Well, judging by the cotton ball link, I wanted to hate him, it's fear-mongery, and it specifically targets women... But, then I got curious. I know, damn my curiosity. 

I checked his credits and affiliation, (I suspected failing dermatologist trying to push product again.) Boy what I wrong, for a doctor he is overwhelmingly over-qualified to say whatever it is he wants and how he wants to... until I fact check him. I have a distain for the medical industry, and most doctors, however, if this guy is involved with as much as he claims to be, published as much as he claimed to have over a long span of practice, and means what he says, I would be bereft if I didn't take a second look at what he does, and sells as well as his claims for some of it, because some of his credentials are vastly overwhelming. I am all about preventative illness and disease, and I think that's what made me double take, is seeing a doctor say that. 

Just like everything in life that seems rad momentarily, it was too good to be true. Good news is that writing this, took WAY longer than fact checking him. The idiot basically gave me the links on his site to realize what a dope he is. All I had to do was check out his joke of an idea of the contributing of medical articles to PubMed and other sources, and he lists those as a credit to his name on his own site! I guess he thinks no one would fact check him. (I love it when they make it easy for you and air their own dirty laundry.) Anyways, even though I love some of the things he says, it's not real.

 I came across this preeeeeetty fast. and it's SUPER embarrassing for him.


This^ right here, is just super funny. It's just a bunch of people calling him out, (who have done the research for me, I can sense it in their OCD.) in one of his publications.

Even if the above link is just a bunch of haters for whatever reason, and I should have looked into ^it further, this next link to PubMed is proof he's a hack. (In my honest opinion) Anyone can understand this even if you don't do PubMed.


This is how I knew I hated him^. Not like anyone cares what I think about people or my final opinion, but this guy, is the worst kind of hack. He's a con too. The only real tell at first is the INCREDIBLE SENCE THAT SOMETHING  IS ASKEW, despite the words all sounding appealing to a broad audience. Now, when a person can't even sell that, not only are they a hack and a con, they're not a very good one. The only reason why I thought there could be anything there to his credit, is all his publications, until I looked into them. Because who in the right mind posts http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11733423?dopt=Abstract? So yes Randy, and Perry, this is the long version of you were right, not like you were waiting to hear it from me, but I like to give credit where it's due.

I would give extra points to anyone who cares to find any info on if he ever had a medical license, and when it was revoked. I'm going to bed. this guy is such a joke. It's just people like this.... Really really get under my skin.  And that conclude's Radiums rants!


  • Ha, thanks Radium. Perry will be proud that you took so much time to prove him right. 
  • Oh it wasn't that bad, I just do this to decompress after figuring out stuff for college. and I'm super glad he'll be proud to be proven right.

    On a side note, your Pink Tax article mentioned something about accusations towards L'Oreal regarding the pink tax. Do they need to hire a better PR, or something, it's pretty bad!

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