Business School Case Study Prompts a Question

Hi BBs!

At HBS, we are doing a forensic analysis of Kiehl's pathway to profitable growth. Not that that applies here, but it got me thinking...

Kiehl's has always been on just the periphery of my consciousness in terms of a source for beauty products. Now that they are so in my face I was wondering...what do you think of their products in general? Do they historically have science on their side? Or, in your opinion, is the trust that people have in them based on their personalized service model?

I know I'm not asking about any specific product or ingredient. I am just wondering what your general impressions are? Thanks.


  • We've looked at a few Kiehl's products over the years and have never seen anything that's differentiated by technology. 

    For what it's worth, Kiehl's is owned by L'Oreal and it's not uncommon for large companies to share technology/formulas across brands which means that you may find similar products at lower prices. 
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