Does exfoliation make epidermis thinner?

Hi, actually I've read that NO, but I'm wondering if that is so and why? Do you have any links to articles which can prove this? Thanks!


  • If you're talking about "regular" exfoliating scrubs and similar products, I would say the answer is no because they only remove a few layers of the stratum corneum. That's not enough to make the epidermis significantly thinner. 

    If you're talking about chemical peels that go much deeper then the answer could be yes. 

  •  I'm talking about AHA and BHA exfoliation. And that is bad. Why there are so many advices to use exfoliation 5% AHA daily? How could I know when it is time to stop?
  • If you're worried about the health effects of exfoliating that much you should really check with a dermatologist so he/she can examine your skin.  
  • thank you
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