What's the point of a face mask?

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I seriously can't understand why face masks are necessary. Isn't the time a face mask is on too short to have a real effect? Isn't it better to use these ingredients in a face cream where they stay longer? Are there any proven benefits of face masks? Is it really necessary to use face masks weekly if you want to have good skin?


  • I personally don't think traditional Western masks are "intelligent". Usually there are two types:

    For oil control/clay based: ok, they work very well. But you can remove the excess of oil you can simply using a foaming cleanser for oily skin.

    Moisturizers masks: yes, a common moisturizer will stay longer.  Why using a facial mask then...? I don't know too.

    IMO typical Asian masks are wiser (if you haven't seen one, here is an example: http://www.sephora.com/product/productDetail.jsp?keyword=lucent mask&skuId=1507565&productId=P378219&_requestid=4610) due two points:

    1 - You don't wash off them. You just have to massage the serum after removing the cloth;

    2 - The cloth really creates an occlusive effect. It's believed the ingredients can penetrate better when you "wrap" your skin with some physical material. 
  • I live in Korea and I have used many of those masks (they often give away free samples when you buy something and I have bought a lot others, they even have hand and foot masks!!) and honestly, I haven't noticed any difference in my skin. I tried clay masks when I was a teenager hoping they will help me with acne but they had the opposite effect and I had a huge breakout I hadn't experienced before. But maybe some face masks really help? I don't know, so I'm asking here.
  • Omg, I just noticed the price of this Sephora mask, are they crazy?
  • Face masks are a "nice to have"  not a "must have."
  • But do they give you any benefits at all? Do they make any real difference?
  • I think masks are a dumb waste of money. They are supposed to be relaxing but I find them annoying. 
  • I think hardly any benefits, you're better off buying a leave on! 
  • I think this depends on the mask.  An enzyme mask works well to exfoliate the epidermis and the contact time required is usually 5 - 15 minutes, I usually follow this with a hydrating/soothing mask in a thick layer, whether this does anything to actually hydrate the skin, I'm not sure; anecdotally it does seem to reduce redness, sooth & calm the skin faster than going straight to serums/moisturizer but I don't have any supporting data for this.  Generally if you want other benefits (lightening/brightening, vitamins, etc) you're best using a serum regularly.
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