I need a scientific opinion on this article I read on a beauty blog!

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Despite the negativity, I find the comments on this article to be illuminating. What do you all think?



  • P.s. I love your podcast and blog! Huge fan :D
  • The article is BS.  Despite what the author says the number one cause of aging skin is UV exposure.  You can find quacks who will espouse any position.  Diet and nutrition are complicated and anyone who tells you they are simple are just misleading you.
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    I disagree with the article . While not as good as olive oil canola adocado and flax seed oils are a good source of omega 6's and omega 3s. The real thing you should worry about it trans fat. Anything that says the word 'hydrogenated' has trans fats in them. Everyone can agree that trans fats are the worst kinds of oils in a persons diet.
    It is interesting that she also recommends lamb fat. While it might taste good the oil that hardens after you cook it isnt really healthy for our bodys either. Then the doctor she quotes says everyone is slightly glucose intolerant and actually doesnt recommend a lot of vegetables? (like broccoli spinach and kale). Where did he get his sources From? the latter is preposterous sure some people can't eat green foods like broccoli because they have thyroid issues that doesn't mean that people who don't have thyroid problems should avoid broccoli kale or spinach though. Plus sugar doesn't cause aging? I think not ; 'skin inc' did two huge articles on blood sugar Ages and Rages . I highly recommend you read them.
    Also tallow is recommended topically on the skin? Sure( rolls eyes)
    Ultimetly what is best is a balanced diet high in colorful fruits and vegetables and low in sugar and fat with a healthy dose of vitamin exercise 3-5 days per week.
  • I wonder, how solid is the science of AGEs from sugar and just how much are they a problem compared to UV damage?
  • I know someone with a disorder that can't get greens. And not a psychological disorder, something to do with the vitamin K. 
  • Well, why not use tallow or lard on the skin? I don't mean on the face but on the body. Is there any reason not to except for culturally imposed disgust? I use olive oil as a body lotion and my skin is soo soft. If I could find it, I would use lard as well because I guess it will be cheaper. But I don't want to go through the hassle of rendering it.
  • Tree-The reason why I said not to use tallow is because it is found in soap form and it is bad for the skin. Beef tallow has been reported by some people to clog the skin. Washing the body with a tallow based soap may not be as bad though.
    -Rozy is back: I don't know every detail about it but consuming too much simple carbohydrates over a period of time have been Proven to be bad for you. Simple carbohydrates are the refined and confectionate sugars and complex Carbs are vegetables and whole grains. When a person eats too much simple carbohydrates blood sugar rises and lowers temporarily. If things get worse it can lead to health problems like and beauty and health are related. Also the vitamin k thing I heard of too. I don't think its that common but I could be wrong. If you don't have a problem with vitamin k though there should be no reason to avoid those types of vegetables.
  • Edit : Regarding tallow I didn't show tallow due to cultural disgust. I don't recommend it for facial skin that's all.Why? Because I know it is not good for the skin. Out of every cosmetologist dermatologist cosmetic chemist and beauty book ive read tallow via bar soap was never recommended. Crisco on the other hand is fine and certain plant oils (like olive oil) are also good for there antiocidant propertys.
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