Sad about beauty products

Does anyone else just go to the beauty store now, and pick up a package and hear the word "lies" whispered in your ear? I was a beauty junkie, and now I feel like all my love of beauty products has been diminished... There's no magic in a bottle. Just your run of the mill surfectants and emollients.


  • I'm still able to be seduced by a pretty package:)
  • The exception is skin care.  I don't buy a skin care item at the beauty store/beauty counter unless it has something special about it (like I recently bought a tinted sunscreen that agreed with my skin after years of not finding one that agreed with me).  I buy moisturizers and such from the drugstore or from Paula's Choice.  But makeup I like to get at the beauty counter/beauty store and it's okay with me if I know I'm paying too much.
  • the addition of silicones in products have improved the performance
  • as i am writing this, i am thinking it should also go into the blog post about future cosmetic products we would like to see.

    i remember when anti cellulite cream was first put on the market.  maybe there is a beauty brains post about it somewhere.

    anyhow, about the future products aspect.  i saw claims that anti cellulite cream can mobilize the fat layer under skin.  i bought some wondering if it could do a kind of trans dermal mini face lift.
    i was thinking the sections of fat under the face, fat cells, connective tissues and all could be pushed up to where it was before gravity took hold.

    for example, a person who had chubby cheeks that have dropped down to chubby jowls can massage jowls upwards with anti cellulite cream to move the whole set of fat back up to the cheeks again.

    i saw an interview where a journalist thought in the future, the interest would not be about beauty but it would be all about health.  i think future cosmetics would be pharmaceuticals and outpatient procedures.
  • I sympathize with this sentiment but I also disagree on some points. Since I started reading the beauty brains blog I've definitely become disillusioned with expensive, high-end makeup and skincare. On the one hand, I've lost any aspirations of using $100 moisturizers because I think they are more or less a waste of money now, but I've gained the comfort of knowing that I can use drugstore products and get the same results. I've also learned that with the hundreds or thousands of dollars I'll be saving on cream I can save it for real treatments such as lasers that will be 100 times more effective.

    There are still some high end makeup items that I think that drugstore items can't measure up to. For example, no Covergirl, Maybelline, or L'Oreal foundation will ever beat the $60 Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk foundation.

    But yes, ultimately I now think that anti-wrinkle creams and such are useless, and that can be sad.
  • I agree with Gemma.  I was under the impression that the price one pays for a product is largely a function of the cost of production.  The cost of production being the R&D and formulation.  Most stuff out there it seems that you're paying for marketing and net income.  I find it amazing that the active ingredients in many products haven't really changed decades later and most of the fillers have in order to keep up with the trends.

    I think general today people are skeptical of large corporations, but it seems that a lot of newer, smaller companies are up to more shenanigans than the tried and true corporations.  Large corporations are in the spotlight more and generally have more to lose when it comes to making sure products are safe.  Also, they have access to capital to invest in R&D.  That's why we have folks like Randy and Perry.

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