I'm not sure why, but I feel like I should ask, since you're a cosmetic science kind of guy, if you've ever "Macgyvered" anything with you're handy knowlege of chemistry, be it when you ran out of shampoo, and the store is too far, and requires putting on pants, or some other random crazy cool solution! I wanna know!

And if you had to sadly google what Macgyver is, or you never have applied your skills for a cool science quick fix, .... Well could ya, say if fans wrote in like 20 random chemicals, and you two had to make a theoretical viable product out of it assuming you had whatever you guys typically use at your disposal? I think that'd be reeeeeeeeally really cool! If not, I still have fun listening to the wacky puzzles you guys do, I mostly get them right too! :D


  • Your idea is very similar to a reality show idea that Perry has had. I do have sort of one Macgyver moment. Maybe I'll tell the story on a future podcast.  
  • Huh, good to know I have good Ideas :3 Pretty please? I'm all about Macgyver moments. They make it to dinner conversations when I have them! I'll be listening!
  • i macguyver all the time with everything.  when the series was on, people liked to call me
    "mrs. macguyver."  dad was an engineer, i must have gotten it from him.  he would do things like that all the time.

    happens all the time with cosmetics.  women use hemorrhoid ointment to shrink the skin around the eyes.
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