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OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum – Look at the label

OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum is the number one best selling beauty product on Amazon this week. Let’s look at the label to see how it works.

As you can see below Amazon only lists “key” ingredients whichs always makes us suspicious. We’d like to see ALL the ingredients in the formula! Having said that, our main concern is that the product uses the Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate form of Vitamin C which has been proven less effective (but also less irritating) than true Vitamin C.  There’s only limited ex vivo animal testing which shows it penetrates skin. There is no data showing it converts to ascorbic acid (which is the active form.) There is human in vivo testing showing it protects skin from UV but it is less effective than ascorbic acid. There is in vitro testing showing it boosts collagen production but it’s less effective than the magnesium version. Finally, it reduces skin pigmentation but only in in vivo testing. This may not be a bad product but it’s also not likely to be one of the best.

OZ Naturals ingredients

Key ingredients are as follows: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C), MSM, Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Amino Complex, Jojoba Oil.

You don’t have to buy this OZ Naturals product but please use our link to buy ANYTHING on Amazon and you’ll be helping to support the Beauty Brains. Perry and I appreciate it!

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