How do pore strips work and are they worth it?

Anonymous Asks: What can you tell us about Biore-type pore strips? It’s strangely fascinating seeing all the crap come off on the strips, but is just a quick-fix that will actually make things worse in the long run?

The Right Brain Boasts About Biore:

A pore strip, like Biore’s, is a very dramatic way to clean your pores. It works by adhering tightly to your skin so tightly that when you pull it off it also pulls out the oily, dirty gunk that is clogging your pores.

Pore strips really work

The cool thing is that you can actually SEE the pore poop stuck to the strip after you take it off. The first time the Beauty Brains tried this product they sat staring transfixed at the forest of tiny nasal pore discharges dotting the landscape of the freshly spent pore strip. Some white heads were barely visible to the naked eye; other black heads where ominously thick and dark. We still get shivers just thinking about it.

Even if you don’t feel you need them, we recommend trying pore strips as an experiment just so you can see for yourself.

The problem with pore strips

When used correctly, Pore Strips can be a powerful weapon in your battle against blackheads. But don’t use them too often because they can irritate your skin. Three times per week max, that’s the limit. Any more than that and you risk damaging your skin. You should heed the warnings on the box about not using them on any area other than the nose and not to use them over inflamed, swollen, sunburned, or excessively dry skin. If you use pore strips too often, they can actually irritate your skin and trigger more breakouts.

The Beauty Brain’s Bottom Line:

Pore strips really work, but they’re no substitute for a good, regular cleansing regimen. And don’t use them too often or you may experience some negative side effects.