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Who’s Who in hair care – L’Oreal

It’s time for another post about the business side of beauty industy. Last time we talked about the hair care brands that mega-monster P&G owns. Today, we’ll discuss L’Oreal’s hair care biz.

Check out the list of mass market brands (drug stores and supermarkets) they own:

The L’Oreal brands: (Kids, Vives, and Preference Hair Color)

Studio Line

Garnier – Fructis!

Softsheen (ethnic hair care aka Carson Products)

And here are their salon/department store brands:






Did you realize that L’Oreal sells you all this stuff under many different names. Which ones surprised you?

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  • Ariel February 17, 2020, 11:29 am

    I was surprised to learn Kerastase is owned by L’Oreal. I’m a hairstylist and at least one or two of the other stylists I know just *love* Kerastase. I thought it was an exclusive/privately owned luxury brand.