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Should placenta be in your shampoo?

One of the tasks of The Beauty Brains is to protect you, the cosmetic consuming public, from products or claims that we know are fraudulent. Even though we don’t always come out and say it, educating our readers is always in the back of our minds. (Well, almost always…)

Having made that clear, let’s get right to a new product that we found shockingly misleading.

It’s called Bellekiss Placenta & Almond Shampoo and its advertising copy says the following:

“It’s available in a Placenta & Almond variety, it’s said to be suitable for all types of hair and for frequent use. It is a pH neutral nutritious shampoo which is said to contain vegetable placenta and essential almond oil with nourishing restructuring properties that stimulate hair growth to get shiny, firm and vital hair.”

Our first reaction was: Huh? A placenta based product is a bit unusual in this day and age. But upon continued reading we realized that it contains VEGETABLE PLACENTA.

I bet that right now you’re thinking: “Wait, placenta is the tissue that nourishes a mammal fetus during gestation. No where in that fetus-nourishment definition is there any mention of plants – vegetable, fruit, or otherwise. So that bit about Vegetable Placenta must be pure crap.”

Well guess what? Botanically speaking, there IS a vegetable placenta! And if you don’t believe us, click HERE and scroll down to the 7th entry on PLACENTA.

So what’s misleading about this product?

If you read carefully you’ll see that it claims to “stimlulate hair growth.” As you know if you read our post on hair growth products, there are very few chemicals that have been proven to really grow hair. And Vegetable Placenta ISN’T one of them!

The Brain’s Bottom Line

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that this product is lying to you about what it will do for your hair. The good news is, this product is only sold in Chile, so unless you live there you’ll probably never see it. (Hey, never let it be said that The Beauty Brains don’t have an international view of the cosmetic industry!)