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Beauty q&a: is oil good for your hair?

Anon E. Moose Asks:

I’ve heard that applying oils like jojoba oil, almond oil and coconut oil is good for your hair. I’ve been thinking about using it, so I want to know, is it true that almond oil is good for your hair?

The Right Brain’s Oily Reply:

The answer to your question depends on which oil you’re talking about. In a previous post we discussed a research study that showed some natural oils not only penetrate hair but actually help restore hair’s strength and flexibility.

Coconut oil as found in Ojon treatments was shown to be the best, followed by sunflower oil. None of the other oils did very much because they did not penetrate hair.

The Beauty Brain’s Bottom Line

If you do decide to treat your hair to an oil treatment, coconut oil is the best choice scientifically speaking. Just make sure you’re using pure coconut oil and not a watered down product.

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