Beauty Q&A: what’s the best way to remove facial hair?

Sad Says:
Hi.. A few months ago I noticed some stray hairs on my chin and upper lip.. I impulsively shaved them off!!! *BAD ME, I know* Now I find that I need to *ahem* shave every 2-3 days sometimes.. I try to let it go as long as I can so I don’t shave too much.. My real question is, what is the BEST way to remove facial hair on SENSITIVE skin? I’ve used depilatory creams.. And they were no help.. Thank you! (I am a female by the way ha ha.)

The Right Brain’s Hairy Reply:
Sad, let’s clear start by clearing up a popular myth: shaving hair does not make it grow more. So you didn’t make matters worse by shaving to get rid of those stray hairs. But now that you’ve got them, what can you do?

Believe it or not, a trip to your doctor’s office might be your best solution. There’s a new prescription medication that’s been clinically proven to reduce unwanted facial hair, or UFH as they refer to it. (God, we LOVE scientific acronyms!)

It’s called Vaniqua and it’s designed to slow the growth of facial hair on women. It doesn’t get rid of hair, you still have to shave or whatever, but Vaniqua reduces the time you have to spend on hair removal. Go read the drug’s FAQs if you’re interested.

We here at The Beauty Brains are intrigued by the idea of an Anti-Shave Drug – what will they think of next?? Can they make it work on other parts of the body? Can they make a version for men so they can stop shaving? The mind reels at the possibilities. Once again, better living through chemistry.

Of course, if drug treatment isn’t for you – there are still the old school methods of hair removal: tweezing, depilatories, etc. You’ll have to experiment and find out which one is best for your sensitive skin.