Does Herbal Essences Pin Straight Shampoo Work?

Shannon Says:

I have wavy, thick, curly hair and I can’t stand it. I usually flat Iron it , but lately I have gotten sick of getting up at 8:00 on the weekends to flat iron it. I was looking at buying Herbal Essences Dangerously Pin Straight Shampoo, is it worth it? Or should I try a different shampoo?

The Right Brain’s Cautionary Tale:

The Herbal Essences Pin Straight shampoo is a nice, although basic, shampoo formula. It has a little bit of conditioning which could help smooth your hair, but in reality, if you’re using the Herbal Essences conditioner – or any other conditioner! – after you shampoo it really won’t make much difference.

The Brains Bottom Line:

The truth is, no product will magically straighten naturally curly hair. Conditioning shampoos like this one may help a little bit, but if your hair is really out of control you’ll still need to use some kind of leave in treatment or styling product to get the straight style you want. Our recommendation for your weekend routine is to sleep late and then pull your hair back in a pony tail.