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Dabur parachute and how do I oil my hair?

Nancy Needs To Know:

You guys helped me so much with your Ojon review. I had recently purchased the Discovery Kit, which I liked, but not as much as I like the coconut oil! I bought 2 bottles by Parachute, one plain coconut oil, and one named Sampoorna, which also contains almonds and hibiscus. I also bought a shampoo called Vatika Henna Creme Conditioning Shampoo by Dabur, which I would swear is Herbel Essence from the 70′s. I like them all, and was wondering if you could tell me what you thought of them and if you know the proper way to ‘oil’ my hair. I’m hoping this will keep more of my hair on my head!

The Right Brain Responds To Another Loyal Beauty Brainiac:

Thanks for the follow up question, Nancy.

Parachute Sampoorna is an Indian product made by Marico Industries. As we discussed before, coconut oil has been scientifically proven to penetrate hair and therefore it can protect from the inside out. Almond oil and Hibiscus have not been shown to have this penetration ability, but it’s likely the almond oil could provide some surface conditioning, especially if the product is left in the hair and not rinsed out. We had a hard time finding out much more about Sampoorna, but if you copy the ingredient list for us or direct us to any website references you have (we couldn’t find much) we’ll get back to you.

Dabur Vatika Henna Cream Shampoo appears to be a decent conditioning shampoo (it contains a quaternized quar and polyquat-7, both pretty good ingredients for delivering conditioning from a shampoo) but don’t get fooled by it’s hype. Here’s what it says:

A unique double action formula enriched with natural conditioners to nourish, condition and clean your hair gently. Henna prevents the growth of micro-organisms, gives body and also a superb shine to your hair. Green Almonds nourish hair from the roots while bringing new life. Soap Fruit (Shikakai) is a mild natural cleanser with low pH balance that’s just right for your hair.

Does this shampoo use natural ingredients that are better than “regular” shampoos. Nope. If you read their entire website, Dabur tells you that the formula also contains Sodium lauryl ether sulfate which is a very standard cleansing/foaming agent. So the reference to to “Soap Fruit” is really just a bunch of bull-shikakai. Furthermore, if you need henna in your shampoo to get rid of “micro-organisms” you’ve got significant hygiene issues – go buy a lice shampoo!

In response to your last question, here’s a link with step by step instructions on how to oil your hair.With pictures! Give it a shot and let us know what you think.