How does intimate shaving work? (sensitive content alert)

N asks: I’ve always wanted to experiment with intimate shaving but I’m a bit nervous. I don’t really trust the info from some of the “naughtier” websites, so I thought I’d ask your scientific perspective: Is there any safe and easy way to style pubic hair?

The Right Brain’s Response: Don’t worry, N, with The Beauty Brains discretion is always assured. There are really two parts to our answer. First, we’ll talk about the right shaving products; then we’ll tell you how to get the stylish look you want.

1) Shaving Products: This is actually the easy part. While there are a number of speciality shave products for initmate areas, there’s nothing wrong with using the brand that you typically use on your legs. If you find that your skin is generally sensitive to fragrance you might want to buy a fragrance free cream or lotion. Or, if you want to splurge and try something new, you might try shopping at where there’s a wide array of sexy products to choose from. And if you’re worried about irritation after shaving you might check out their “Coochy After Shave Protection Mist.”

What about the razor? A regular blade razor is fine for most women but if you’re prone to razor bumps you can buy razors specially designed for sensitive areas. The Bodworx Shaver and The CleanCut are a couple of examples you might check out.

2) The Style: Here’s where it gets tricky. A little sexy snipping can be a good thing but the task can be a bit daunting if you’ve never attempted it before. We found a good article an Erotic University that gives some very helpful tips. The article has some very explicit pictures, so we’re copying the text here so you can read what they have to say without being offended.

Here are some key points from the article:

There are a number of methods you can use to remove hair. Waxing and sugaring are both applied to strips that are yanked off. I’ll pass, thank you. Depilatories work well for some, but can be irritating to sensitive skin, and skin does not get a lot more sensitive than in the genital region.

For most, old fashioned shaving is the best bet. Razors are not all alike, though. You’ll want to use a good one rather than one of the cheap throwaway models. One commonly recommended is the Gillette GII, as it is reported that they stay sharp much longer.

You can use any kind of shaving foam, but different brands can contain various chemicals and deodorants that can and often do cause skin rashes and itchiness. That is why we recommend a shaving lubricant designed specifically for shaving the nether regions.

The first step is to trim as much hair as you can with a pair of scissors or clippers, as this will prevent the razor clogging up too much. Then take a hot bath or shower for ten minutes to expand your pores and follicles and soften the hair.

Apply plenty of shaving lubricant and leave it on for a few minutes. This will allow the hairs to soften further.

Begin shaving upwards, towards your torso. Hair normally grows downwards, and shaving against the grain will give you a smoother finish. Make sure that there is shaving lubricant on each section of skin that you shave, as shaving bare skin will irritate it. Keep rinsing the shaver every couples of swipes or so, so that it does not get clogged.

The labia is a little more complicated to shave. Stretch the skin out flat, and shave towards your inner thigh. Take your time with this. For men’s testicles, stretch the skin out and shave towards the inner thigh.

When all the hair has been removed wash the area gently with cool water. Hot water can cause irritation. Gently pat dry, and then apply some skin moisturizer or baby lotion.

If you want to read the entire article you can click on this link but be aware it does contain some explicit (NSFW) images! So please use caution if you choose to view it.

When you’ve mastered the basics of trimming and you’re ready to try for a “special” look – check this out. It’s the pubic hair styling equivalent of training wheels: the Sazzi Shaper. This handy little device helps you shave exactly the pattern you want.

You put on the Sazzi Shaper just like you would wear a thong. Then you wax, wet shave or dry shave around it, using the Shaper as a template. When you’re done, you’ve got perfectly pictured pubes.

You can see some of the pubic hair style design templates here. They only have a few designs now, but with a little imagination, the sky’s the limit on a product like this. Oh, one more thing. If you prefer to do your trimming old school style, here’s a tongue-in -cheek description of various pubic hair styles.

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