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Does castor oil make your hair grow?

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Rixie Writes:
Is it true that castor oil is good for the stimulation of hair and lashes growth? How does this work?

The Right Brain Rapidly Responds:
Castor oil does not make your hair or eyelashes grow faster or longer. Check out our previous post on hair growth stimulation and eye lashes.

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  • Pilgrim September 11, 2015, 6:00 pm

    i remember the spirited responses about this one. long dark plentiful curled eyelashes mean a lot to most women. maybe even more so than full lips. or high cheekbones.

    even after collecting all the well researched information about castor oil from this site, i also will seek to use castor oil. but with realistic information and expectations. but if Latisse was otc…

  • Pilgrim September 17, 2015, 8:50 am

    my new home country has castor oil in relatively large clear gel capsules for treating slow digestion. the castor oil in it is relatively light in colour. i use those small skinny 2mm brushes made for in between teeth cleaning. looks like a miniature mascara brush. poke hole in capsule with needle. squeeze a tiny drop on the tiny dental brush. brush on ends of lashes. do not want it going into my eye. put some on obvious bald spot on outer end of left eye upper lash line. one capsule will last quite a long time.

    it puts a weak sticky balsam like coating on the lashes. soaks in quite well.
    will use your left/right brain posting style to explain the following.

    my left brain says all the castor oil does is coat the hairs. my right brain says do not put on philtrum because maybe it will give you a Charlie Chaplin moustache. and that is not currently fashionable for women.
    seems to summarize the castor oil dilemma. doubtful about claims but still will not use in places i want to be hairless.

    • Pilgrim September 25, 2015, 7:47 pm

      ok, some days have passed. if this light color castor oil works this well,
      Jamaican Black Castor Oil must be super amazing.

      a few days of the light castor oil on my lashes and i see growth on the bald spot on my lash line and the rest of my lashes and brows are overall improved.

      now i wont go making claims that the castor oil went into the follicles and like a hormone, instructed the follicles to grow longer and stronger hair growing in the right direction. but it probably coated the hairs well enough to protect them from eyelash curler impact and mascara aftermath.

      putting it on, it is more of a hassle than prescription lash growers but definitely costs less and more accessible.

      • Pilgrim September 28, 2015, 10:27 pm

        it is i again. peering around the corner. feeling weird that i am putting yet another comment into this.

        it’s almost like i got my own anecdotal journal for this castor oil experiment.

        the nightly coatings of the castor oil are putting a protective balsam barrier to protect from the ravages of eyelash curler and mascara.

        mainly wanted to comment on the “observed” growth. i do believe it is my very own eyelids regrowing the hair. i do not think it is any drug category chemical in the castor oil. it “looks like” accelerated growth because i am more closely inspecting the area day and night. plus the coatings are increasing the diameter of the hair making it look like thicker growth. but that’s the castor oil, not the hair.

        no withered follicles have been resurrected by the castor oil. now THAT would be a benefit i really would like. oh well.

        maybe my nail in the coffin of the castor oil claim will get the debate started again here. maybe this is the myth that replaces the one i used to hear back in my childhood –

        trim the split ends (oh no! split ends!) so your hair
        will grow longer and thicker.

        like i wanted my waist long hair to grow to my knees?!? they would tell me that i will get bald because i didn’t trim the (oh no!) split ends and put my hair in a ponytail. i’m 49&1/2 now and the only difference to the waist long hair is each strand is stronger.

  • Sharon May 21, 2019, 10:59 pm

    Although ricin is deactivated in the oil production process harvesting the seeds/beans is dangerous for workers. India, Brazil & China are major producers and workers can suffer nerve damage from working with the plants. Seems like a high price to pay for the possibility of longer lashes.