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Is Nuskin Tru Face worth it?

Bembet Is Bamboozled:
I am tempted to buy Nuskin skin care. I have oily skin and I want to try their line, specifically the Tru Face Revealing Gel and their Facial Wash with Vitamin C. The brand is really expensive and I am impressed with the ingredients but then again I need you to help me decide.

The Right Brain Races To The Rescue:

Well Bembet, we’re not impressed with their facial wash. Vitamin C really doesn’t do much from a wash off product, so don’t wash your money down the drain. The Revealing Gel is bit more interesting. While it does seem to rely on hype, at least one of the ingredients in the product, Polyhydroxy Acids or PHAs, has at least some research that indicates its effective.

We’d like to see more information before we make a definitive judgement on Nu-skin. Or, we could go with the Cosmetic Cop’s assessment of Nu Skin, who says, and we quote: I can assure you Nu Skin is not a miracle, a cure, the total answer, or even part of the answer for every woman’s skin-care needs. After all, if the products were miraculous for skin care, why did they reformulate and come out with a new line of products making the same claims only with different ingredients? Nevertheless, the people who sell this line want you to believe it can alter your life as well as your skin. Like most of the other lines I’ve reviewed, this one contains some very good products, some useless ones, and some that are simply overpriced and a waste of money.

The Brains‘ Bottom Line:
We agree with Cosmetic Cops’s concern about falling for over-priced products but we also think you should keep an open mind and review the scientific data that’s available. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen clear data to prove that the PHA’s and other ingredients in Nu Skin are worth it, so it’s hard to say.