Does vaseline thicken eyelashes?

Ying Yearns For Longer Lashes:

Does VASELINE petroleum jelly really helps to thicken and elongate eyelashes and eyebrows?

The Left Brain Responds:

Vaseline petroleum jelly, or petrolatum, as it is technically known, is a multipurpose cosmetic ingredient. It is an excellent moisturizer because it creates a barrier layer on the skin that retards water loss. It is also used as a base for many hairdressing products because it’s heavy, greasy consistency can help control flyway hair.

Does it thicken and elongate eyelashes? I suppose that coating your lashes with any thick, greasy substance could, in theory, make them look longer and thick. But it will NOT physically increase the diameter or length of the eyelash itself. We’re sorry to tell you the Vaseline is not a great solution to lack luster lashes.

Want to know more about this miracle goop? Here are my 3 favorite facts about Vaseline petroleum jelly:

1) According to some sources, the brand name Vaseline is a combination of the German word for water, wasser (pronounced vahser), and the Greek word for oil, elaion.

2) Robert Chesebrough, the inventor of the process used to purify petrolatum, used a clever trick when hawking his product. First he`d burn his skin with acid or a flame and then he`d apply petroleum jelly to the burned area. Finally he would show the audience how his previous burn marks had healed after treatment with his miracle product. Now let`s see the Right Brain try that!

3) Despite popular misconceptions, petroleum jelly is NOT a good sexual lubricant because it is oil-based and will dissolve latex condoms. (Once again, Right Brain please take note.)