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Mascara isn’t the only thing on your lashes

Here’s a bit of science information from the Beauty Brains that you might find interesting on a Saturday afternoon. There are tiny little animals called demodex mites that live on your face and eyelashes. These mites are not pretty to look at but they do the excellent service of keeping the bits of dead skin cells off your lashes and face. People have thought that these creatures are responsible for causing acne but that’s a myth. Demodex mites do not cause acne or any other hair or skin conditions. If you get enough of them they can cause itching. However, this is a rare event indeed. So the next time you’re coating your lovely lashes, think about all the microscopic mites that help keep your body clean.

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  • Lynn August 21, 2016, 1:29 am

    I’ve been doing some research on Demodex mites, and their connection to types of blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) and rosacea. There is a VERY strong link! The mites may clear away dead skin cells, but what they really like to eat is the fatty secretions that come from our eyelash and hair follicles. So, they bury themselves head-first in the hair follicles of the eyes, brows, skin, and scalp, and leave their ugly tails sticking out. They leave debris at the base of the lash, which consists of oily secretions, decomposing mites, and their waste. It is called “cylindrical dandruff,” and you can see it with a magnifying glass. The debris can build up, leading to irritation and inflammation of the eyelid. It can also cause eyelashes to grow crooked, and even to poke the eye, leading to chronic inflammation of the eye surface, to dry eye, and even to cornea damage. (Look it up!)
    Eye doctors can easily diagnose an infestation of Demodex mites (there are two main types that infect humans) by looking for the cylindrical dandruff at the base of the lashes.
    The main thing that kills these bugs is tea tree oil. You can buy Cliradex on Amazon.