The secret that all women should know about men’s hair color

Kay’s Question:

Can women use Just For Men hair dye? Is their claim that it only colors grey hair true? And if it is, how is it possible?

The Right Brain’s Colorful Response:

Yes, Kay, women can use Just For Men hair dye. In fact, you might already be using that kind of hair color and not even know it! Sort of. Let me explain. First a quick bit of background:

Background Fact #1:

Your natural hair color comes from a natural pigment in your hair called melanin. There are two basic types of melanin and they can be combined to form all the different hair colors from blonde to red to brown to black. If you have no melanin your hair has no pigment so it looks grey.

Background Fact #2:

Most hair permanent hair colors (the kind women usually use) work in two stages. First they use a bleach-like chemical to destroy the melanin that ‘s naturally present in your hair so it becomes lighter. Second, they add other chemical pigments that make your hair a different color. With this type of product ALL your hair gets a dose of color.

Background Fact #3:

Some hair colors, (like Just For Men, Clairol’s Loving Care, and L’Oreal Natural Match, to name a few) do NOT use this two stage bleaching process. They use a single stage process that does not lighten you hair – it only adds dye on top of your existing natural hair color. So if you have a mixture of grey hairs and dark hairs, the grey hairs will pick up the new color but the dark hairs won’t. That’s how Just For Men can say that they only work on grey hair. Get it?

The Brain‘s Bottom Line:

Yes Just For Men’s claim that it only works on grey hair is true and, yes, women can use Just For Men hair color. In fact, many hair coloring products for women use the same type of coloring technology. But many women prefer to dramatically change their natural color and that requires using a product that employs a two step bleaching process.