Will a glycol acid peel remove a tattoo?

H Driver Has Tattoo Regret: Could a chemical peel product such as glycolic acid remove a tattoo? Here’s a method I found on the net; would it work?

Tattoo removal method

Ingredients required
  1. Rubbing Alcohol (can be purchased from a supermarket or chemist)
  1. Bottle of Glycolic acid 50% solution (type used for skin peels – easy to purchase on ebay)
  1. Small brush for application of glycolic acid (often included when the glycolic acid skin peel is purchased)
  1. Packet of Bi-carbonate of soda
Please note the Glycolic acid needed is the type used for skin peels and can easily be purchased on ebay. Ensure you purchase bi-carbonate of soda and NOT baking soda as these are easy to confuse.
Prepare a solution of bi-carbonate of soda by adding 1 teaspoon to half a litre of water and keep this at hand for later.
Firstly gently clean the skin using the rubbing alcohol. Once clean rinse any remaining rubbing alcohol and apply a hot flannel to the area to be treated. Gently pat the skin dry.
Next apply the glycolic acid to the skin, carefully following the instructions provided with the glycolic acid. Allow to dry.
Now rinse off the acid using the bi-carbonate of soda solution already prepared.
Don`t forget to clean the area thoroughly with the solution.


The Right Brain‘s Reply:

Dermatologists have had some success in removing tattoos with chemical peels but we haven’t seen people have much luck with home made treatments. You might fade your ink but you might also burn your skin. Products like Wrecking Balm that contain Tricholoroacetic Acid claim to work but the reviews are mixed there as well. If any of our readers have tried glycol acid, let us know. But if you’re really that serious about it, why not ask a derm? It’ll cost you but the peace of mind may be worth it. In the meantime, check out our previous post on tattoo removal.