Don’t fall for lies about toxic ingredients in chemicals

Vic’s Talking About Toxins:

There appear to be alot of inactive and a fair amount of even potentially hazardous or toxic chemicals in makeup. Now a days people want their makeup to be more biochemical active. From Germany comes a line of cosmetics called Dr Bauman whose claim to fame is no toxins. The claim appears true. What do you think about this line of products?

The Left Brain Blows Away Dr. Bauman:

I wonder, how did you get the impression that there are a lot of inactive and toxic chemicals in make-up? The truth is, there aren’t. Putting extra ingredients in make-up is a waste of money so cosmetic manufacturers will not do that. Quite the contrary, they try to minimize the amount of chemicals in the formulas.

And toxic chemicals? I don’t think so. Every ingredient used in cosmetics (unless you buy from a non-reputable place) has been thoroughly animal tested to ensure that they are not toxic or hazardous. Anyone telling you otherwise is just trying to fool you into thinking you should buy from them. See this recent post we did on how and why companies lie to you. And here’s an older one.

So, I looked at their website and would you believe it, the products contain the same old ingredients as anyone else. Look at this one, it contains Propylene Glycol! Now, I know there is nothing wrong with propylene glycol but there is also nothing wrong with the mineral oil and fragrances and preservatives that Dr. Baumann says are so bad. It’s like people saying that medical petroleum jelly is bad for you. It’s just not true!

And then there is this product that contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate! It is a perfectly fine ingredient but it’s the same thing everyone else uses.

I can’t find any pricing for the formulas but I’m guessing they are not as cheap as the Neutragena stuff or Maybeline that you could buy at your local store.

Well, The Beauty Brains say save your money. Buy products from companies that can spend money on research and development. Dr. Baumann isn’t one of those companies.